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In the rapidly evolving landscape of BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY/ METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD, a new era of financial possibilities has emerged. However, amidst the transformative potential, USERS, INVESTORS as well as PROMOTERS encounter various challenges and risk that hinder their ability to fully capitalize on digital assets/world. In this context, the introduction of our ground-breaking Project becomes paramount. We are proud to present NORQUE, the first of its kind in the Universe to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses these obstacles. By combining innovative features, enhanced security, and unmatched accessibility, NORQUE revolutionizes the BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD landscape, enabling human race to navigate the BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY/ METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD with confidence and unlock its full potential. First time in the UNIVERSE, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, MACHINE LEARNING and BLOCKCHAIN INTEGRATION to offer the need of the time, SECURITY, SAFETY, USABILITY and SUSTAINABILITY for BLOCKCHAIN / WEB3 / CRYPTOCURRENCY / METAVERSE / PHYSICAL WORLD, USERS, INVESTORS as well as PROMOTERS.

Who we are

We are a group of SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT, FINTECH EXPERTS, INSURANCE SECTOR EXPERTS and BLOCKCHAIN ENTHUSIASTS. Each of our team members has been involved in the blockchain industry and his/her respective domain for more than 17 years at least a minimum of 5 years, holding various positions in blockchain start-ups or consulting companies.

What our team members have achieved:

  • Built DeFi protocols with over $1.8 billion
  • MBA, PHD, Software Engineer, Blockchain Engineer
  • Advised over 30 different crypto projects
  • Co-created an IDO Launchpad
  • Extensive network with over 18k followers on LinkedIn
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